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Seniors 2021

Myles Benefield
Myles is a four year member of OE Track and Field. His events include 4x400m, 110m and 300m hurdles. Besides track, Myles is involved with Design Academy and the OE Theatre Department. After graduation, he plans to attend Savanah College of Art and Design where he will continue running but only as a hobby! His goal is to become Editor in Chief and/or Creative Director of a fashion or house magazine. Favorite Memory: Getting stuck on a fence trying to jump over it. Advice to underclassmen: "Work hard and never give up."
Clay Broockerd
Clay is a four year distance runner with OE Track and Field. His events include the 1600 and 3200m. Besides track, he is also a member of the cross country team, Civic Leader Academy and National Honor Society. After graduation, Clay plans to attend college where he will study either pre-law or pre-med. He hopes to be a doctor, a medical malpractice lawyer or circuit of appeals judge. Favorite Memory: Giving Coach Wally the Walmart shopping cart that the distance team found on a run. Advice for underclassmen: "Trust your coaches and put the work in to improve as an athlete, but don't forget to try to make fun memories along the way. The fun memories with your teammates is what you will remember when it's all done."
Tristynn Brown-Smith
Kameron Byers
Kaitey Davis
Kaitey joined OE Track and Field as a sophomore. Her events include Shot Put and Discus. Besides track, Kaitey stays busy at East with her work on yearbook and Design Academy. After graduation, she will continue on to UMKC and possibly continue shot put as a walk on. Her career interests include criminology and psychology. Favorite memory: Before a Varsity meet, all the throwers played Cards Against Humanity while we messed around in a hammock. Advice to underclassmen: "Try all the events possible because you never know what you might be good at and go to varsity for."
Armando De La Torre
Logan Frazier
Logan is a four year member of OE Track and Field. Her events include the 4x100, 100m and Long Jump. After graduation, Logan plans to attend the University of Kansas. Favorite Memory: Freshmen year when two of my teammates and I were crammed into the back of Wallace's red pickup to go to one of our first meets of the season. Advice for underclassmen: "Work hard and have fun!"
Destiny Hanlin Ramirez
Chris Jackson
Chris has been a member of OE Track and Field for two years. His event is the 3200m. He is also a member of the cross country team and marching band. After graduation, Chris plans on continuing to run in college and to major in secondary education to become a math teacher and coach! Favorite memory: Running time trials on the track. Advice for underclassmen: "Hard work pays off."
LaDaya Jacobs
Adam Kahnk
This is Adam's fourth year on OE Track and Field. His events include the 800, 1600 and sometimes the 3200m. Besides track, Adam is a 4 year member of the cross country team and FCA. After graduation, Adam will be headed to Pittsburg State to continue running with the cross country/track teams and plans to major in Polymer Chemistry. He hopes to one day become a Plastics Engineer/Technician. Favorite Memory: Bringing back the "Trail Closed" sign for Coach Wally. Advice to underclassmen: "Enjoy the track seasons while you can. Shut up, run fast and turn left."
Allie Kaufmann
Allie is a 4 year member of OE Track and Field where she has been competing in distance events. She also ran on the cross country team for 4 years and is a member of the Future Educators Academy. After graduation, Allie will start her college studies at Johnson County Community College and then continue on to Pittsburg State where she will pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. Favorite Memory: Rolling across the field while watching the 4 x 400. Advice for underclassmen: "Have fun."
Riley Kroeker
As a four year member of OE Track and Field, Riley has participated in 100m and 300m hurdles. She has also been involved in technical theatre and co-led Awake Club. After high school, Riley will likely start off at JCCC. She will not continue track, but will always cherish the seasons she was able to have. As of right now, she is unsure what she would like to do after college - tattoo artist, coach or perhaps a teacher! Favorite memory: "All the relationships I've made. When I first joined the program, it was so cool to see the family dynamic of this sport and to be able to both laugh and cry with the team through wins and losses of all types." Advice to underclassmen: "If you fall, get up. You're going to have good days and bad days, wins and losses. Learn from the losses and keep going. There's always another race, the worst thing you can do is give up before it starts."
Sam Kullberg
This is Sam's third season as a member of OE Track and Field. His events are shot put and javelin. Besides track, Sam played football junior and senior year and is a four year member of orchestra. After graduation, Sam is headed to either the University of Tulsa or K-State where he will major in secondary education. He plans to pursue a career as a high school history teacher and coach (football or throwing). Favorite Memory: Throwing and goofing around with throwers and coaches. It's been a great way to enjoy spring the last few years. Advice to Underclassmen: "Enjoy yourself and have fun. Also, technique helps a lot more than you think it might, so pay attention to it."
Mayah Martin
Mayah has been on the OE Track and Field team for four years as a triple jumper. Besides track, she is also involved with NHS, AVID and Hawk Leaders. Mayah plans to continue on to KU where she will pursue her studies and career in athletic training. Favorite Memory: The 2019 Regional Track Meet. Advice to underclassmen: "Be open to trying new things."
James Mwihaki
Melody Ochana
Melody has been a member of OE Track and Field all four years of high school. Her events include: 3200m, 1600m, 800 and 4x800. Besides track, Melody is a 4 year member of the cross country team and orchestra. After graduation, Melody will continue running in college and plans to study law or kinesiology. She plans to have a career in law or kinesiology and hopefully fulfill her dreams of running with the best of the best runners. Favorite memory: Running the 4x8. I love the positive atmosphere of trusting each other that we will all do our best no matter what happens. The amount of friendships I've built on the track with people from different events I will also never forget. Advice to underclassmen: "Always be confident and trust yourself. Whenever you feel nervous, reflect on how hard you have worked to be where you are in that moment. Trust that your body is prepared. Practice should always be the hard part so racing can be easy. Always push yourself beyond what you think you can do, never limit yourself. Remember to let your positive mind set the pace and your legs will follow."
Junior Orjii
Rachel Sterner
Rachel is a four year member of OE Track and field where she competed in mid-distance events: 400m and 800m. She also is a member of OE Cross Country, Future Educators Academy, NHS, FCA and Educators Rising. After graduation, Rachel will continue running track and cross country at Baker University where she will also study Elementary Education to be a teacher. Favorite Memory: Freshmen year when the 4x8 team got to go to KU Relays. It was a cool experience to run at such a big meet even though it was a nerve wracking experience. It was so fun because it was very different from regular high school meets. I'm very thankful that I got that opportunity my freshmen year because the last two track seasons have been very different. Advice to underclassmen: "Enjoy your time on the track team because it goes by very fast."
Reagan Sterner
Reagan has been a member of OE Track and Field since sophomore year as a Pole Vaulter. Besides track, she is a member of the cross country team, Future Educators Academy, IPS, Ed Rising, FCA and Hawk Leader. After graduation, Reagan will head to Baker University where she will join the track team, begin her undergraduate studies in elementary education and then on to a Masters Degree in special education! She would like to have a career as an autism spectrum disorder teacher in an elementary school. Favorite memory: Running the DMR with my distance friends - it was just super fun to be on a relay. Advice to underclassmen: "Enjoy it while it lasts and don't be afraid to try new events."
Lexi Stuewe
This is Lexi's fourth year as a javelin thrower on the OE Track and Field team. Besides track, Lexi played volleyball all 4 years at East with 3 of those on Varsity. After graduation, she plans to attend the University of Arkansas where she will major in nursing. Lexi would like to be a traveling nurse for awhile and then a psychiatric nurse. Favorite memory: The bus ride to the State Track Meet where she was the only girl on the bus with all the boys. Advice to underclassmen: "Don't worry about all the what ifs and just do it. Time flies so don't miss out on all your opportunities and new experiences."
Taran Thomas
Josh Toplikar
This is Josh's first year on the OE Track and Field Team! He plans to do the 200m, Long Jump and Relay. Besides track, Josh was the manager for OE's Freshman and Varsity Basketball team. He also plays soccer, basketball, softball and is involved with Unified Special Olympics and Unified Special Olympics Sporting KC Team. After graduation, Josh hopes to pursue a career in sports management for basketball, football and baseball. He would like to be a sports manager for the Chiefs. Favorite Memory: Being able to join track and my teammates helping me out to get me where I should go and do things in practice. Advice to underclassmen: "Get your work done on time if you want to play sports while in High School so you can also graduate."
Erin Wetterstrom
Erin has been a part of OE Track and Field all 4 years at East. Her events include: 4 x 400, 4x800, 300m hurdles and she is considering triple jump. Besides track, Erin has been very busy at East with soccer (4 yrs), cross country (2 years), wrestling (2 years), Educator's Rising and Hawk Leaders. After graduation, Erin will be heading to Southwest Minnesota State University to play college soccer and major in secondary education and Psychology. She would like to pursue a career as a high school psychology teacher and also coach soccer, wrestling or track. Favorite memory: Uno games before meets. Advice to underclassmen: "Work hard, have fun and try new events because you don't know if you will fall in love with it."
Kirsten Wetterstrom
This is Kirsten's fourth year as a member of OE Track and Field. She has competed is the 4x400, 4x800 and 300m hurdles - also considering triple jump. Besides track, Kirsten is also a member of OE Soccer (4 years), cross country (2 years), bowling (1 year) and Educator's Rising. After high school, Kirsten will head to Southwest Minnesota State University to play soccer. She will also major in secondary education to teach high school math. Favorite memory: Qualifying for State in the 300m hurdles freshmen year. Advice for underclassmen: "Work hard even if you don't think that you are good at it now because every year you will improve. Hard work pays off. The coaches are always there for you whether it is track or something else."
Devin Wilmore