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Alumni News

We are so proud of our OE Athletes who have continued their track and field careers into college!  We will try and keep this page updated with links to articles about these athletes and their accomplishments!


Athlete HS   Class Current   School College   ClassIndoor/Outdoor Event
Rebekah Gurka 2013 JCCC FR/FR Multi/Jumps
N’Dia Harris 2013 JCCC FR/FR Jumps/Hurdles
Brooklyn Ellis 2012 Northwest   Missouri State SO /   SO Distance
Jenny Pinkston 2012 Wichita   State University FR /   RS Multi-Athlete
Kaitlin Stein 2012 JCCC SO /   SO Throws
Kaylyn Williams 2012 JCCC SO /   SO Multi-Athlete
Traivion   Sharp 2012 JCCC SO / SO Sprinter   / Hurdler
Kayla Hannam 2011 Baker   University JR/JR Multi-Athlete
Ramie Grayson 2011 Pittsburg   State University JR / JR Sprinter   / Jumper
Andrew Sheets 2010 Truman   State University SR /   SR Distance
Breena Coleman 2010 University   of Illinois SR /   SR Hurdler
Paul Zimmerman 2010 Emporia   State JR /   JR Distance
Ryan Hocker 2010 Wichita   State University SR /   SR Mid-Distance
Ashley Reid 2009 Colorado   State University SR / SR Jumps
Brenda Ellis 2009 Missouri   S&T SR / SR Distance
Casey Epps 2009 Pittsburg   State University SR / SR Distance
Courtney Reinke 2009 Wichita   State University Graduated Horizontal   Jumps